J.D. Fergusson: The Scottish Colourist J.D. Fergusson: The Scottish Colourist

A Return to Paris

The 1920s can be considered the most successful decade of Fergusson's career. A productive period in Fergusson's sculpture-making coincided with a parallel development in Margaret Morris Movement, the dance technique his partner created. Meanwhile a motoring tour of the Scottish Highlands during 1922 led him to paint a series of landscapes which were included in his first solo exhibition in Scotland. He also had solo exhibitions in New York and Chicago, and his work was included in important group shows in London and Paris.

In 1929, Fergusson moved back to Paris, whilst Morris commuted between there and London. The 1930s began with the acquisition of one of Fergusson's paintings for the French national collection in 1931. It was purchased from a group exhibition which included Cadell, Hunter, and Peploe, who died in 1937, 1931 and 1935 respectively.