J.D. Fergusson: The Scottish Colourist J.D. Fergusson: The Scottish Colourist

‘Paris is simply a place of freedom’: From Edinburgh to Paris

Prompted by the start of his relationship with the American artist Anne Estelle Rice, Fergusson moved to Paris in 1907, renting a studio in Montparnasse, the renowned artists' quarter. He made his name during the following seven years he spent in the French capital, where he occupied a unique position amongst British artists during the birth of modern Western art. His work underwent an abrupt and dramatic change as he absorbed and evolved the latest developments in the works of artists including Picasso, Derain and Matisse. The dazzling palette, bold design and audacious handling of his street scenes, still lifes and figure studies reveal the inspiration and confidence Fergusson found in his new surroundings.