Eduardo Paolozzi: Collaging CultureEduardo Paolozzi: Collaging Culture

Prints and Limited Editions

A selection of prints and limited editions to coincide with the Eduardo Paolozzi: Collaging Culture exhibition are now available from the Pallant House Gallery Bookshop.

'Moonstrip Empire News' and 'General Dynamic F.U.N.'

We have a large selection of signed and unsigned prints from Paolozzi's limited edition portfolios 'Moonstrips Empire News' (1967) and 'General Dynamic F.U.N.' (1970). Both portfolios were published by Editions Alecto, London.

'Bunk' and 'General Dynamic F.U.N.'

Complete portfolios are available of 'Bunk' (1972), published in an edition of 100 sets by Snail Chemicals, London, and 'General Dynamic F.U.N.' (1970) published in an edition of 350 by Editions Alecto, London.


Adding a vibrant, contemporary explosion of colour, Royal Doulton have created the Paolozzi pattern based on collage designs by Paolozzi. Available in Teal, Blue, Red and Green packaged in a beautiful patterned box.


Currently on display at the Field and Fork Restaurant we have a selection of plasters stamped by the Trustees of the Paolozzi Foundation (supplied with a certificate of authenticity which is also stamped).