Eduardo Paolozzi: Collaging CultureEduardo Paolozzi: Collaging Culture


Sir Eduardo Paolozzi RA (1924–2005) was one of the most inventive British artists to come to prominence after the Second World War. Although he was best-known as a sculptor, this fascinating book reveals the extraordinary versatility of Paolozzi's approach to making art, including printmaking, drawing, textiles, ceramics, jewellery and even the decoration of Tottenham Court Road Underground station.

Published to accompany a major exhibition of Paolozzi’s work at Pallant House Gallery, this book reproduces over a hundred key artworks alongside a range of fascinating contextual material. It positions Paolozzi as a major figure in the history of twentiethcentury art, and considers his relationship to Surrealism and European Modernists such as Giacometti and Dubuffet alongside his contributions to the Independent Group and the development of British Pop Art. From his iconic images cut from the pages of American magazines, to his robotic sculptures expressing man’s relationship with technology, the book explores the central importance of collage as both a working process and an approach to bringing together disparate sources of inspiration.

The book also considers Paolozzi’s role as a designer of textiles for Hammer Prints Ltd. and Horrockses, his ceramics for companies such as Wedgwood Ltd., and his later public monuments. Written by Simon Martin, Head of Collections and Exhibitions at Pallant House Gallery, it also includes texts by Eduardo Paolozzi and Professor Sir Colin St John Wilson RA.

Available from 6 July 2013

Artist: Eduardo Paolozzi

Price: £24.95 (special exhibition price £19.95, available from the Gallery)
Published: 2013
Publisher: Pallant House Gallery, Chichester
Format: Paperback
Height: 26cm
Pages: 128pages 
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout.