An exhibition of the extraordinary technology and organic-influenced work of artist Ian Sherman. The exhibition will showcase the artist's assemblages, a series of one-off sculptures featuring found objects which have been painstakingly constructed over years at a time, shown alongside his intricate related paintings.

Ian began creating assemblages in the early 1990s following what he describes as, ‘a vision of a room filled with eerie monolithic objects that seemed to evoke silence'. It was, he says, ‘like seeing a life-time's work that had to be made'. The related paintings, which will be shown alongside, are  ideas which Ian does not envisage in three dimensions, ‘the floating and flying things'  which lend themselves to painting though he always seeks to infuse some unity between both bodies of work and he sees them as inextricably linked.

*Please note the studio at Pallant House Gallery is sometimes closed for workshops. Visitors are advised to phone in advance to guarantee entry.