The Art of Chichester Festival Theatre: A CelebrationThe Art of Chichester Festival Theatre: A Celebration

Visitor Comments

Visitor Comments

A small selection of comments from visitors to our 'The Art of Chichester Festival Theatre: A Celebration'.

I loved the grass, rabbits, flowers and shoes - a really uniquely executed exhibition.
I throughly enjoyed it' 

'This is a wonderful exhibition - such a history - such talent - really terrific'

'It is lovely to be reminded of all the work and artistic and creative talent that goes on behind the scenes to create a production'

'Most fascinating. Must make the theatre more often'

'A wonderful exhibition and explanation of the 'Thrust Stage' and the challenges it brings to stage designers and costume designers'

'A fantastic exhibition. Really enjoyed. Took me back to my early theatre days'

'Beautifully presented - inspirational'

'Excellent show. Great to see such a wonderful theatre celebrated.
Enjoyed the stage designs'