A collection of works by 2009 Outside In award-winner Kwei Eden depicting her emotional journey of self discovery through the medium of art.

Kwei started her artistic journey at Creative Response after suffering a breakdown. Creative Response is a charity that supports people suffering with Mental Health Issues. She received the opportunity to push her boundaries, perceptions and level of personal interaction with art. She found it helped her develop and discover who she was and this played an essential role in her recovery.

Her work is abstract with very powerful colour and mediums in 2D that vary from coloured pencil, ribbon and yarn to sculptures in Breezeblock, plaster and ribbon. Kwei uses colour in a very organic way. No planning takes place, her style is very spontaneous and she loves to convey the movement of colour across the page.

To see more of Kwei's work: http://www.outsidein.org.uk/kwei-eden

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