June1stFri10:15am0-4 Years: Mega Me
 7thThu6:00pmLife Drawing
 12thTue11:00amExhibition Tour: Virginia Woolf
 14thThu6:00pmSeeing Daylight: The Photography of Dorothy Bohm
 17thSun2:30pmSunday Art Book Club
 21stThu6:00pmVirginia Woolf: Still Life, and Transformation
 23rdSat10:30amPallant Photowalks in collaboration with Strong Island
 23rdSat11:00amPop-Up Theatre: Bear Hunt
 28thThu6:00pmCurator’s Talk: Thinking Back through our Mothers
July5thThu6:00pmLife Drawing
 5thThu6:00pmWays into Woolf
 6thFri10:15am0-4 Years: Giant Camera Obscura
 7thSat12:00pmConcert: Victor Ryabchikov – Piano and Francesca Rogerson – Violin
 12thThu6:00pmA Bloomsbury Inheritance
 15thSun1:00pmDrawing a Dancer
 19thThu6:00pmVirginia Woolf, Memories of St Ives
 21stSat11:00amExhibition Tour: Virginia Woolf
 27thFri10:15am5-8 Years: Secret Hide-out
August1stWed1:15pmChildren 9+: Make Believe Landscapes
 2ndThu6:00pmLife Drawing
 3rdFri10:15am0-4 Years: Musical Shadows
 4thSat11:00amPallant House-Party
 8thWed1:15pmChildren 9+: Manga Characters
 9thThu6:00pmArtists Respond to Dance
 10thFri10:15am5-8 Years: Dance Prints
 12thSun1:00pmA Pen of One’s Own: Writing Inspired by Woolf
 16thThu6:00pmAn Alternative History of Art: Women Through the Ages 1550–1945
 16thThu6:00pmWays into Woolf
 22ndWed1:15pmChildren 9+: Animated Artworks
 23rdThu6:00pmCreative Writing
 24thFri10:15am5-8 Years: Camera Obscuras
 26thSun1:00pmFigurative Landscapes
 30thThu6:00pmCreative Writing
September1stSat10:30amPallant Photowalks in collaboration with Strong Island
 6thThu6:00pmCreative Writing
 6thThu6:00pmLife Drawing
 7thFri10:15am0-4 Years: Totally T-shirts
 9thSun1:00pmCornish Colours
 23rdSun1:00pmSurrealist Collagraph Prints
 28thFri10:00amMacmillan Coffee Morning
 29thSat12:00pmPallant Proms